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Israel and Middle East Peace - kirk yacoub - 01-06-2010

The latest Israeli atrocity against supply ships for the suffering people of Gaza once again shows the Israeli state's brutal attitude against Palestinians. Patriarch Ignatios Zaka I Iwas, Pope Shenouda III and other Church leaders in the region have long explained that no peace will come to the Middle East without a just settlement of the problems of the Palestinian people. We pray for this, for a peace in which the Israelis realise that they are not victims, but that the Palestinians have been since 1948.

Kirk Yacoub

- John Charmley - 01-06-2010

Dear Kirk,

If despair were not a sin, I should be tempted to give in to it. There appears to be nobody to whom Israel will listen. Her leaders continue to dig a bigger hole.



- DanielM - 01-06-2010

I believe that the parable of the sheep and the lambs sums yesterdaup perfectly.

Those that were killed, died trying to feed those that suffer and are opressed.

We must pray for those that died yesterday, regardless of their beliefs. They saw injustice and confronted it without regard of heir own safety or what they would gain from it.