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Inspirational Words - DanielM - 31-05-2010

I just thought I would start this topic for people to share any words of wisdom from the Saints, Scripture or Church fathers.

This way we can use it as a reference in the future for any of use that need some inspiration.

- vrc - 31-05-2010

Were you thinking of any such words, Daniel?

It's a lovely thread idea.

- DanielM - 31-05-2010

None really, I just thought it would be nice to have an on forum source of these words of wisdom.

I have also been reading sections from a book on the sayings of the desert fathers I was given at my baptism, and found some of their sayings and actions truely inspirational.

One I especially like to reread is by Gregory the Theologian
"These three things God requires of all Baptised: Right faith in theheart, truth on the tongue and temperance in the body."

- vrc - 01-06-2010

There are so many beautiful words from which to select. We are all blessed in that respect.

One that often comes to mind for me (especially if I find myself feeling down, angry, hurt or afraid) is from Jesus:

"Be of good cheer, for I have overcome the world."

It kind of says it 'all' to me and reminds me of what is what.

- DanielM - 07-06-2010

Imitate the Publican and you will not be condemned with the Pharisee. Choose the meekness of Moses and you will find your heart which is a rock changed into a spring of water.

-St. Syncletica

- vrc - 10-06-2010

Daniel, it looks as though you're having a great time reading those books!!

"In the Presence of God is the fulness of joy"

I really love that one. It is the 'diapason chord' of everything.

- DanielM - 11-06-2010

“…even the doing of what is good requires discrimination…for the good is not good unless its purpose is conformed to God’s will.”

St Peter of Damascus.

And yes vrc, I do love reading about the fathers and saints as my Brothers and an inspiration on how to live a Christian life. Some of their lives show a conviction and perserverence I can only pray to one day match.

- DanielM - 09-03-2011

Confusedhock: I can't believe that this thread has been untouched for 9 months!

Here is one that makes me giggle, but has a good point to it.

A brother asked an old man: What is humility?
And the old man said: To do good to those who hurt you.
The brother said: If you can not go that far, what should you do?
The old man replied: Get away from them and keep your mouth shut.

- DanielM - 16-12-2011

"The Church represents the kingdom of God on earth, which will be extended to the heavenly kingdom. It represents the source of faith and God’s dwelling with the people"

- HH Pope Shenouda of Alexandria

RE: Inspirational Words - DanielM - 25-06-2012

I'll try to post something every day or so now. Big Grin

“Never permit your tongue utter a word unless you are convinced that what you say is beneficial either for yourself or for whom you are saying it.” - Saint Zena-Markos

RE: Inspirational Words - James-Antony - 25-06-2012

Greetings Daniel,
O'God! make speed to save me!
O'Lord! make haste to help me!
From a Book on St John Cassian.

RE: Inspirational Words - DanielM - 27-06-2012

Thanks James

“To attain the full measure of virtue we need to possess faith and love, and to struggle to exercise our free will with integrity.” — Saint Makarios of Egypt

RE: Inspirational Words - James-Antony - 29-06-2012

Everyone therefore shall give an account of his own sin, and no one will be hurt, because of the sins of others. (Didascalia Ch VI pp29)

RE: Inspirational Words - DanielM - 29-06-2012

“Liberty is not the mere freedom of choice or license, but the freedom to act with great love—the love of Christ. There is no freedom outside of the sphere of the Cross, which is the summit of Love.”
— Fr Pishoy Kamel

RE: Inspirational Words - DanielM - 02-07-2012

“Love is a holy state of soul, disposing it to value knowledge of God above all created things.”
- St. Maximos the Confessor