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New website - admin - 28-04-2010

The forum has been successfully transferred to a new website for the British Orthodox Church.

We should be very grateful to Trevor for all his hard work. This new site will be much easier for many more of us to add up to date information, so we will have no excuse for any pages of the site being out of date.

Many thanks to Trevor!

- John Charmley - 28-04-2010

Well done Trevor!

Abba Seraphim on Youtube Big Grin Hurrah Smile

In Christ,


Apologies for the site being down - Severus - 28-04-2010

Apologies for the Fellowship forum being down for a day or two, the result of upgrading the entire website.

Apart from the old contents there are quite a few new items (and more to come). Please let us have your feedback on what you like and what you don't, as well as suggestions on how to improve things.

- John Charmley - 28-04-2010

It is a splendid website, and as one who thought there was nothing wrong with the old one, I am delighted to find one could improve on something which was perfectly good as it was. I'd recommend it to all of us.

In Christ,


Father Peter's pioneering vision - Severus - 28-04-2010

For those of us who are not technical its difficult sometimes to keep up with internet things. However, the key to good websites is looking new and not getting stale, so change is a necessary component.

Without doubt we all owe a huge debt to Fr. Peter Farrington who built the first boc website and - like Dr. Who - took it through several makeovers. The value of this has been evident by the extraordinarily fruitful network which has been built up over the years. There is no questioning the huge debt the Church owes to Fr. Peter's "pioneering" but as St. Paul reminds us one sows, another waters and God gives the increase.

- admin - 29-04-2010

Dear John,

Thank you for your comments. The main issue with the previous incarnation of the website was that it was getting harder to update materials and therefore updates took longer and longer to occur or didn't happen at all.

It needed to be rebuilt on a system which allowed content to be easily managed separately to the actual technicalities of the site. I also needed to be relieved of the responsibility of maintaining it as there are other things I believe I should be doing now.

So I am expecting that we will see more content being added more regularly, and the site will be kept current with news and events, so that it is more useful to us all and more professional in our witness.

May God bless Trevor, the new webmaster, as he keeps the site working and encourages us to contribute material.

Father Peter