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Neil and Sue - admin - 28-04-2010

Do pray for Neil and Sue as they are baptised and married this evening at St Albans.

Also remember me. This is my first adult baptism, having conducted an infant baptism already. At least I am not worrying about dropping the baptismal candidate this time!

Seeking your prayers

Father Peter

- Antony-Paul - 28-04-2010

Dear Father Peter,

I shall mention Neil and Sue in my prayers today - may God bless them and be with them always in their marriage.

And also I shall mention you, may He bless you as you do His work of Baptism and Matrimony for the first time.

As light relief, Father, my parents were also the first marriage by the priest. He got in a muddle and married my Mum to her wife and my Dad to his husband! I'm sure God enjoys such demonstrations of our humanity, but doubtless you will have no such difficulties.

- John Charmley - 28-04-2010

My prayers for all of you.

In Christ,


- neil boorman - 28-04-2010

Thanks for all your prayers! We are very happy to report that we are now fully fledged members of the BOC, and very much looking forward to our 1st Communion on Sunday!

We are also delighted to confirm that our Fr Peter neither dropped us nor muddled his words, in fact, you'd have thought this sort of thing was a weekly occurence for him!!!

In Christ,

Seraphim and Susanna (formerly Neil and Sue)

- DanielM - 29-04-2010

My Prayers and Congratulations are with you both.