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Sidney West - kirk yacoub - 13-04-2010

This Sunday, 18th April, sees the 10th anniversary of the death of my father, Sidney West. He was not baptised, nor did he have any belief, therefore I ask you to pray strongly for the respose of his soul.

Kirk Yacoub

- Antony-Paul - 13-04-2010

Dear Kirk,

May Jesus bless and heal your father, and take him to God's paradise of peace and love.

- John Charmley - 13-04-2010


I do so gladly and with all my heart, as the same was true of my own father who died many years ago.

In Christ,


- Fr Gregory - 13-04-2010

May God in His infinite compassion receive your father and all the departed into His Eternal Kingdom!

Sadly, many Christians seem to believe in a god who is a cross between a lawyer and a forensic accountant, whose aim is to exclude rather to receive, and to cast out rather than to draw in. That is not the teaching of our Lord.

He taught us that in His Father?s Kingdom there are many rooms....we cannot know who will be given a place in that Kingdom and are warned against attempting to make such judgements.

While it is heresy to say that all must be saved, it is sound Orthodox belief to hope and pray that all may, through the incomprehensible love of God, be saved.

May your father, and John?s father, and my father be amongst them.

Fr Gregory

- John Charmley - 14-04-2010

Fr. Gregory - thank you for that.

I've come across the God who is a cross between an attorney and a tax inspector, he appears to be the one we make in our own image. The one who is Infinite in love and understanding seems to be one in whose image we are to be remade; a harder task to which we are all called.

In Christ,


- DanielM - 18-04-2010

Dea ir.

Your Father is and will continue to be included in my Prayers.

In Christ