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A few questions - mikethelionheart - 09-04-2010

1 - Do your churches allow all Orthodox to take the Eucharist during your sevices?

2 - Is it an intention that if your church grows enormously over the years it would become independent from the Egptian church to make a truly British Orthodox Church? Or is it already independent?

3 - Where is the nearest church or group to Chester?

4 - How many books do you have in your Bible?

I'm sure there was another one but I can't remember it.

Many thanks.


- John Charmley - 10-04-2010

Dear Mike,

welcome Smile

I'm sure Fr. Simon or Fr. Peter can answer more thoroughly, but as far as I can, here we go:

1. It us usually only Oriental Orthodox.

2. The BOC is very happy to come under the jurisdiction of the ancient Apostolic See of Alexandria, and I can't see why we'd want to change that. Orthodoxy works on the Ignatian model, and where ever the bishop is, there is the church.

3. Quite a distance, probably Yorkshire

4. Same as in any Eastern Orthodox bible.

In Christ,


- mikethelionheart - 10-04-2010

Thank for the reply.

Can I just confirm a few things.

It's only Oriental Orthodox that are allowed to take the Eucharist in a BOC service? So, for example, a Greek or Russian Orthodox Christian couldn't?

The BOC comes under the See of Alexandria. Does that mean Pope Shenoudia is the head of the BOC? I thought you were independent for some reason. I thought there was an intention to have a unified British Orthodoxy. Don't know where I got that from.

How many books are in the Eastern Orthodox Bible? If possible could someone tell me the ones that are extra to the Catholic Bible.

- mtg - 14-04-2010

There is a recent English translation of the Septuagint available at It uses the Authorized/King James version as its base.

Also, the academic NETS translation of the Septuagint is available here: