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Syrian Orthodox Vespers - Westminster Cathedral - Severus - 13-01-2007

Syrian Orthodox Vespers will be celebrated at Westminster Cathedral on Saturday, 10 March at 3.00 p.m., followed by an Ecumenical Reception

syriac vespers - kirk yacoub - 12-03-2007

The wonderful service at the RC Cathedral, Westminster should show
everyone that Syriac is definitely not a dead language, but a vibrant
language that speaks directly to the soul.
As a Syriac Orthodox Christian I offer thanks and prayers to the
contless generation of the faithful who, despite persecutions and masscares, preserved and transmitted our holy tongue.
Kirk Yacoub

Catholic warmth - Severus - 13-03-2007

One observation received after the service from someone unfamiliar with Orthodox worship, was an appreciation of the fine female soloist which was heard at its best in the accoustics of Westminster Cathedral. This parallels closely the Armenian tradition and it was good to have the harmonious interplay of male and female voices. As always, the ecumenical visitors were made most welcome. There is a genuine warmth and fellowship from the clergy, staff and people at Westminster Cathedral which is a great credit to Mgr. Mark Langham, the Administrator; Bishop Bernard Longley and Father Michael Seeds, who all worked so hard to make things run smoothly. An illustrated report appears on the Westminster Archdiocese website: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... t_ref=1232</a><!-- m -->