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Baptism - Simon - 18-03-2010

Please pray for Anthony Holland one of our catechumens who, God Willing, next Monday, 22nd March, is to baptised and chrismated Orthodox. Given his love for the early monastic fathers he has chosen to receive as Orthodox baptismal names those of our two great monastic heroes, Saints Antony and Paul

- Antony-Paul - 21-03-2010

Thank you, Father Simon, for asking prayers for me at this time.

And thanks to all my brothers and sisters whose prayers I so badly need. I shall also remember you in my own prayers.

My love to you all.

Tony - soon to be Antony-Paul

- Antony-Paul - 22-03-2010

I was Baptised and Chrismated today by Father Simon.

My deepest thanks to him for all his help and support over the months since I first approached him.

My thanks also to all those who have been remembering me in their prayers.

I look forward to Holy Pascha with even more joy as I can now join in fully with my new brothers and sisters at the great feast.

With love and prayers,
ANTONY-PAUL - at last!