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BOC Conference or seminar - John Charmley - 10-12-2006

Brothers and sisters in Christ,

In another thread, Jackie-Sarah has raised the idea of whether there would be any support for the idea of a conference or seminar on Orthodoxy - so I thought we probably ought to move the notion here as a question to all of us.

As a somewhat dispersed community, there might be an advantage in having such a meeting. There are so many questions I am sure that we all have, and something on the background to the BOC, on the Coptic Church and on Oriental Orthodoxy might well be something we could do with.

I know that Peter Farrington has thought of doing something like this, but perhaps this would be a good opportunity to float this balloon and see what the reaction is?

Any thoughts, folks?

In Christ,


- admin - 18-12-2006

Dear friends,

It has certainly been part of the development of the British Orthodox Fellowship that there should be perhaps a residential weekend conference each year so that folk could come together for fellowship and an opportunity to learn and experience some aspects of Orthodoxy together.

But I think there is also value in some regional day events being organised as the membership of the Fellowship continues to grow.

What do folk think about these two ideas?


Opportunities for fellowship - Mark Fletcher - 20-01-2007

Yes, I think that both of these are very good ideas. For people on low incomes like myself, regional events would perhaps be less expensive to travel to and therefore are preferable to me.

Regional Events - John Charmley - 20-01-2007

Dear Mark, Dear Peter,

I am sure that many would agree with Mark. It would be excellent if we could manage to put something together along these lines. Of course, it depends, in part, on where 'local' is! I know that here on the Norfolk/Suffolk border (passport controls!) we get people coming from as far as St. Albans at times.

I don't know whether there would be any possibility of doing something at the Cathedral at Stevenage at any point for those within a 100 mile radius?

In Christ,