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aneta - kirk yacoub - 17-06-2009

Please pray for the restoration of my sister-in-law Aneta's health. She is currently suffering from three serious illnesses and is in need of our Lord's healing hand.

Kirk Yacoub

- Simon - 17-06-2009

O Lord, visit the sick among Thy people and heal them for Thy Holy Name?s sake., especially Thine handmaid Aneta. Amen

- Antony-Paul - 23-06-2009

May God enfold her in His love and grant her a full recovery from her illness.

aneta - kirk yacoub - 12-08-2009

I ask everyone to redouble their prayers for my sister-in-law Aneta. Following an apparently succesful abdomenal operation she now has complications connected with that. Also she has sight problems and the spreading of blood-clotting. She has trurned her face back to the Lord, so pray that she completes this journey.

Kirk Yacoub

aneta - Antony-Paul - 12-08-2009

Dear Kirk,
I shall pray for Aneta again today. May our holy mother Mary place our plea before her Son asking Him to heal her.