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- admin - 02-05-2009

Hi Rick

I am reading the paper now, and following one of the early notes I see a reference to this work,

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which contains a chapter on Edwards and Divinization, which I will read with interest a little later.

This volume is edited by Oliver Crisp with whom I have corresponded a little in regard to the 'sinful nature' of Christ. I remember that he has a great interest in Edwards.

Father Peter

- Rick Henry - 02-05-2009

Dear Father Peter,

Thanks for sharing that with me. I read what was there of chapter 11 in the link you supplied and it is somewhat funny to me to consider what Constantinople has in common with Northhampton. I thought it was interesting, in light of my friends paper, to read that just as Maximos was charged with Pantheism, so was Edwards. I guess it is as the author of the essay in chapter 11 says, 'when a certain language/vocabulary is used it is easy to be misunderstood.'

Well, I thought I might give you a treat (in terms of what 'it' might look like) via "Maximos and Edwards;" but, as I can see you have already had an introduction to some of this thinking by way of "Palamas and Edwards." I think there are more than a few who would love to see a common ground which includes the Orthodox and the Reformers (and others) Smile.

Thanks again.

In Christ,

RE: Sola Paradosis? - DanielM - 27-07-2013

How are you finding they cope with your Orthodoxy? Are they hostile towards it?