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Towards Orthodox Unity - rpm - 09-11-2008

Good day everyone,
Its wonderful to be here. I am new here, basically from the Indian Orthodox Church and presently residing in the UAE. Due to its metropolitan nature, the UAE has people from some 200 nationalities. I came across this site while researching for Orthodox-friendly material.

I was wondering if we could discuss the status of the relations between the 2 families of Orthodoxy-The Eastern & the Oriental. I don't know if this has been discussed here before. From what I gather, the findings of the appointed Commission indicate that there is agreement on Christology and has actually been so always. Instead it was the language / interpretation / politics of the day (15 centuries ago) that caused this difference of opinion and the unfortunate schism in the first place. Since I and am sure most others here fervently pray for this re-unification of the 2 families towards having mutual and full communion, I hope some of us here could discuss the progress made on this front.

God bless,

- John Charmley - 04-12-2008

Dear Paulos,

Welcome here.
The BOC welcomes all moves towards a greater understanding amongst the Orthodox.

Our site on Orthodox unity (links on the BOC site) contains many of the important documents on this subject.

I, and I am sure others here, would be happy to discuss this further.

In Christ,