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Coptic - Bro.Darren - 10-09-2008

Would I be correct in saying the BOC is communion with the Coptic Orthodox Diocese of Ireland, Scotland, N.E. England under His Grace Bishop Anthony as both are Coptic and under H.H. Pope Shenouda III ?

The reason I am asking is that there is a Coptic Church not so far from me that once I find the service times I would like to attend.

Also, if accepted by the Church, if I was to attend a BOC Church would I be permitted to partake in Communion?


- John Charmley - 12-09-2008

Dear Bro, Darren,

The answer is yes. I go to the local Coptic Church in Norwich when I can't get out to Kings Lynn - and a very welcoming bunch they RE.

In Christ,