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Introduction - Greg W. - 01-08-2008


Hello. I am currently an inquirer in the Indian Orthodox Church. For now, I am slotted to be received into communion with Orthodoxy this Christmas. I hope that this is the customary way of introducing oneself in this forum. I just joined today and saw a few self-introductions here, so I thought I'd write one too.

I've been a Catholic for the last 12 years of my life, and owe a great debt to the Church of Rome. However, in recent years, as I've taken a closer look at the patristic tradition as well as the mess that is church history, I've found it increasingly difficult to accept the claims of the Catholic Church. As it is for many, I think, my contact with Eastern Catholicism became a bridge to Orthodoxy. I feel as though I've been internally Orthodox for at least the past year, if not more--if that makes any sense at all.

At any rate, I'm very happy and excited to have found the BOC/BOF website and this forum. Having just browsed some of the discussion threads, I'm very impressed by the sanity and eirenic spirit here, and look forward to the privileges of my membership.

Your brother in Christ,
Greg W.

- admin - 01-08-2008

Dear Greg

You are most welcome here.

Whereabouts are you receiving instruction with our Indian brethren? Is it in India itself or in the UK.

Welcome again


- Greg W. - 01-08-2008


Thank you for your welcome. I'm actually in Malaysia.


Welcome to our 100th member - John Charmley - 01-08-2008

Dear Greg,

Welcome - you are our 100th member Big Grin

It is good to have you with us, and if you were willing to share something more of your journey with us, I am sure it would be of interest to others here.

I have a great respect and admiration for the Roman Catholic Church, which bears a great witness in this world, but, like you from a different angle, I found the patristic Church in Orthodoxy.

I wish you continued joy on your journey, and, as one who has recently travelled the same road, can honestly say that your first Orthodox communion will be something very precious.

In peace and amity,


- Rick Henry - 01-08-2008

Dear Greg,

And as our 100th member please know that you will receive one free dinner for two at the restaurant of your choice!!! (please see John Charmley for your voucher) :lol:

But, seriously, good to have you here and a very warm welcome.

In Christ,

- Greg W. - 02-08-2008


Thanks for the welcome and for asking me to say more.

I'm not sure where to begin (or end), but perhaps it might be useful to say that the elements that have drawn me toward Orthodoxy are (1) my experience of its prayer and worship in various forms; (2) its attachment to the Patristic tradition; and (3) its Eastern ethos which I, as an Asian, find to be "second nature". Since I was also Catholic, the whole issue of Petrine primacy was the fish-or-cut-bait point. Still, deeper than all these "elements", there is the sense that Christ is calling me into the Orthodox Church. I don't know how else to describe it, but it's there.

It's good to be here!

Greg W.

- Greg W. - 02-08-2008


Since I'm more likely to go the US (having spent the last 11 years there) than to the UK on my next trip, could I just get those vouchers from you? It would make your welcome even warmer.

And seriously, I'm grateful for your welcome anyway.


- John Charmley - 02-08-2008

Dear Greg,

Just watch out for any brochures about cabins though Big Grin

In Christ,


- Rick Henry - 04-08-2008


That will be fine. But, in keeping with the current exchange rate between the UK and US there may be some depreciation of value in the award package. Although, we will look for a suitable place such as possibly The White Castle or the other place which features royalty in their theme such as the place that features the King and desires that you have your meal/burger your way! Smile

In Christ,

PS And, yes, as John has mentioned, if you are reading the other thread where I have spoken about falsely advertised cabins . . . should you desire to rent a cabin in the central eastern US, I can point you to the good ones!