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- AndrewY - 06-12-2008

Dear all,

I recently added a new short article to the site entitled 'Intellectually Dormant Prayer.'


Problems with email addreses at Erkohet website - ConservateMe - 24-03-2009

Greetings Andrew,

I recently took a look at your website, Erkohet. I sent two emails to the site. One subscribing to the site at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> and the other was a message to you regarding your site which I sent to <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> .

Unfortunately both messages were returned unsent eventually. Are these still the correct addresses to send to?

I am reading your timeline of Oriental Orthodox history and it is very impressive and although it is not yet complete, all that you have added so far is very interesting. Please keep up the good work. I shall include you in my prayers.

In Christ


- AndrewY - 04-05-2009

Dear Cameron,

Christ is Risen

Thank you kindly for your generous comments.

I have indeed been having a few problems with the websmite email system. I apologise for that.

I will most likely be replacing the contact email address with my personal email (from which I have been sending my email forwards in relation to site updates ever since the technical difficulties with the site email system). Do feel free to contact me at: coptic[underscore]shield[at]