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My choice in Life - lordsbliss - 16-06-2008

Dear fellow followers of christ,

I am an Indian (Tamilian) gurl born to Hindu and catholic parents, but have been brought up to make my choice of saviour and that was obviously JESUS!

I've chosen a man from the marthomite-orthodox community of kerela.
We have known each other for the past 8 years. a year an half ago we decided not to marry each other as his parents ( whom i fondly call mamma n pappa) were not happy with it cos im from a different community.

But even till this day, we know that we still wish we could be together as man and woman for the rest of our lives.
We are unable to do anything bcos of mammas health, as she might land in trouble.

Christ is my only hope to this situation.
pls remember us in your prayers.
My marriage with this man will be nothing less that a miracle, pls join hands in prayer.

god bless.........

- John Charmley - 18-06-2008

dear lordsbliss,

You both seem to have taken a very Christian and responsible attitude here; I hope and pray that it will be rewarded with the happiness you seek.

In Christ,