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Church Calendar - Severus - 30-10-2006

The British Orthodox Church observes the same liturgical calendar as the Coptic Church but is permitted to follow the Gregorian Calendar (rather than the Julian). This simply means that there is a difference of thirteen days: i.e. the British observe the Feast of the Nativity on 25 December and the Copts on 7 January .

As the facility for calculating the British Orthodox Calendar is still "down" on the BOC website, the following may be of assistance:

1 November = 6 Hatoor
26 November = 1 Kiakh

- Simon - 07-11-2006

The post by Severus on forthcoming dates for the British Orthodox Church should be corrected as follows: 1st November = 5th Hator & 27th November = 1st Kiahk

Sundays & Feasts as follows:

12th November = 3rd Sunday in Hator (16th Hator)
19th November = 4th Sunday in Hator (23rd Hator)
26th November = 5th Sunday in Hator (30th Hator)
3rd December = 1st Sunday in Kiahk (7th Kiahk)
10th December = 2nd Sunday in Kiahk (14th Kiahk)
17th December = 3rd Sunday in Kiahk (21st Kiahk)
24th December = 4th Sunday in Kiahk (28th Kiahk)
25th December = Nativity/Christmas Day (29th Kiahk)

The 43 day pre-Christmas fasting begins 12th November with the 3 day Fast of St Simon (12th - 14th November) followed immediately by the 40 day Advent Fast (15th November - 24th December)

- admin - 09-11-2006

Dear Simon

Can you say a little more about the Fast of St Simon.