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Pope Shenouda fractures femur - Severus - 10-06-2008

CAIRO (AFP) - The head of Egypt's Coptic Church, Pope Shenuda III, was to be flown to the United States on Tuesday for urgent medical treatment after breaking his leg, an aide told AFP.

The 84-year-old patriarch suffered a fall on Monday evening and spent the whole night without medical attention to a broken femur, said Tharwat Bassily of the Coptic Orthodox Lay Council which manages the church's affairs.

Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak provided Pope Shenuda with the use of his presidential jet so that he could be flown for treatment in Cleveland, Ohio as swiftly as possible, he added.

"The patriarch slipped on a carpet in his home and fell, breaking his thigh-bone," Bassily said. "He was unable to reach the telephone so he remained on the floor from 10 pm to 6 am.

"He was taken to the Al-Salam Hospital (in Cairo) for tests, but was not given treatment as he is to be flown to Cleveland."

The patriarch suffers from back and kidney problems and has made repeated trips abroad for medical tests or treatment, most recently in Cleveland in May.

- Simon - 10-06-2008

Remember, O Lord, our Patriarch, the honoured father, the High Priest Pope Abba SHENOUDA... In safety preserve them unto us for many years and peaceful times.

Update on Pope Shenouda - Severus - 11-06-2008

Bishop Angaelos, who is in Cairo, spoke with Abba Seraphim last night. It appears that President Mubarek has made available for His Holiness' use a special hospital plane as the Pope needs to be recumbent.

Although the sub committees of the Holy Synod have been meeting this week, the scheduled plenary session on 14 June has been postponed. Abba Seraphim has cancelled his flight and will not now be travelling to Cairo.

- Robin Westwood - 11-06-2008

I was very sad to read and ,hear this news on return from my holiday. I will keep the Pope in my daily prayers, and pray that he makes a good recovery in the best possible hands in the US this week.

God Bless,


- John Charmley - 11-06-2008

May the Lord succour His faithful servant in his hour of need, and may our prayers be a support to our beloved Father in God.

In Christ,


Any updates? - John Charmley - 05-07-2008

Do we have any news of His Holiness?

In Christ,