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Eritrean girl murdered - admin - 03-06-2008

I guess many of us have heard about the murder of a young girl in London a day or so ago. But the sadness seems increased by the news that she attended the Eritrean Orthodox Church in London.

The story seems to be still very poorly understood, but I am sure that we can understand how the Eritrean community must be feeling, and as our brothers and sisters we feel that pain ourselves.

May the Lord have mercy on all those caught up in this terrible incident.


Murdered Eritrean Girl - Severus - 04-06-2008

Yesterday, Abba Seraphim spoke with Fr. Yohannes Sibhatu, the murdered girl's priest, and expressed condolences on behalf of the British Orthodox Church.

At last night's quarterly Council of the Oriental Orthodox Churches a resolution was passed offering the condolences of all the sister churches.