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Protest at Eritrean Embassy - Severus - 01-06-2008

On 30 May Abba Seraphim joined a protest outside the Eritrean Embassy in London, calling for an end to the continued detention of Christians and other prisoners of conscience in Eritrea. The protest was coordinated by Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW), Release Eritrea and Christian Concern for Freedom of Conscience (CCFC).

Abba Seraphim handed in a petition addressed to the Eritrean President calling for the release of Patriarch Antonios and later a letter was delivered by CSW National Director Stuart Windsor, Director of Release Eritrea-UK, Dr. Berhane Asmelash, and CCFC Director David Turner which urged the Eritrean Ambassador to encourage his government to release prisoners of conscience and restore basic human rights and fundamental freedoms to the Eritrean people.