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Mary Magdalen eikon question - compline - 24-04-2008

In a bk review in Glastonbury Review of de Boers' tome on Mary Magdalen, Simon Smyth refers to "my icon of St Mary Magdalen", which "shows her with red Paschal egg and as myrrh-bearer".

Would someone please point me in the direction of this particular icon, or a repro of it?

Many thanks.

- Simon - 04-05-2008

I gave away my icon to an Orthodox Christian called Magdalene a number of years ago now. I have however found the following online which I hope may be of help - there is a reproduction of an icon that looks very similar to the one I once had.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... i-M13.html</a><!-- m -->

Thank you - compline - 05-05-2008

Thank you Simon. V much appreciated. :lol: