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Melthodhaye: New website for Syriac spirituality - Severus - 24-04-2008

I would like to introduce a new organization and English web site, Melthodhaye (The Life-giving Word) where the main goal is spiritual guidance, especially with reference to the Syriac Orthodox tradition. A group of enthusiastic Syrian Orthodox under the direction of their priest, Abouna Samuel, started to work on it last year and now the website has finally got its shape. It is multi-lingual and has some excellent photographic resources.

As a fraternal forum to this one they would welcome contributions and feedback from our members.

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- metheortodox - 24-04-2008

it is good i hope we get many things from it and also good understanding of Syriac orthodox and check this also, this one is about Ethiopian orthodox
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- John Charmley - 24-04-2008

I have applied for membership. The site looks very impressive, and after everything I have learned here from Kirk, and with Benjamin joining us, it seems a fraternal thing to do on the eve of Great Friday.

In Christ,


- benjamin - 24-04-2008

Dear all,
As new member I just want to say that I'm really glad to take part of this nice forum and I'm positive I will find many new friends here.

Thank you esteemed Severus for introducing Melthodhaye. I see we already got two new members.

- John Charmley - 26-04-2008

Dear Benjamin,

It is good to have you here with us. Your site is a beautiful one, and I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this morning's Morning Prayer. There are already some good articles there, and I found the welcome a moving and compelling statement of our belief as Christians.

I would encourage any of our members with an interest to check it out - you won't be disappointed.

In Christ,