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Adam as Jesus - st.pelagius - 12-03-2008

Hello, I would like to know where you stand on the following:
Jesus and Adam as the same person

Other than that I would like to know how to get a church established here in Phoenix AZ, because you are just what I have been waiting for.

Response to St. Pelagius - Charles I - 09-05-2008

St. Pelagius' questions sound like those of a former Mormon. The Latter Day Saints believe in all three doctrines; Adam and Jesus being the same person, the pre-existence of human souls, and the practice of polygamy not just as a tolerated option, but as a necessity for full deification. There doesn't seem to be any evidence that Joseph Smith knew anything about Origen; rather, Smith just accidentally hit upon the idea of human pre-existence.

Just so you know, I was ordained a priest in a small Anglican body in the United States. This is my first post on this forum. Thanks for the opportunity to share my thoughts, and I certainly don't want St. Pelagius to think that I'm a theology fascist who is trying to slam-dunk his questions. May the Lord bless you, brothers!

Thank you - John Charmley - 09-05-2008

Dear Charles,

Many thanks for your help on this one; I hadn't known there was this coincidence with Mormonism.

You sound the opposite of a theology-fascist - and as Peter and I have met a few, we know!

Good to have you with us.

In Christ,