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Extreme Pilgrim - John Charmley - 06-01-2008

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

On Friday 18 January at 9 p.m. there is a programme on BBC 2 called 'Extreme Pilgrim' in which a CoE vicar encounters Coptic Monasticism! 8)

We picked up the first episode this week on a recommendation, but it was rather disappointing as the Vicar, a Mr. Lloyd Owen (I think) was dealing with Buddhism and seemed rather an indifferentist. This coming week he's going off with some Hindu holy men, so goodness knows what that will be like :!:

But the one of 18th may be worth watching for the Coptic monks.

In Christ,


- Richard - 25-01-2008

Dear John,
As a Zen Buddhist myself I agree with what you say about the first episode of the programme. The final programme, on the Desert Fathers, was far better than the other two, primarily due to the Presence of Father Lazarus.

As an aside, I use Facebook, which allows any member to establish a group for people with common interests and beliefs. There are numerous Coptic and other Orthodox groups there but as far as I can see, none linked to British-Coptic Orthodoxy. Here is a list of the Coptic sites: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->.
You have to join in order to access the site. My profile is here: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->. The reason I mention it is that you are interested in "outreach" and a presence on Facebook would allow you to access a much wider audience, as well as allowing you to upload videos, audio etc. Just a thought. I am currently enjoying reading "Our Daily Life". Wishing you a Happy weekend, Richard

- John Charmley - 25-01-2008

Dear Richard,

Thank you for the response - and the ideas.

I suspect we ought to have a presence on facebook, and we shall have to think about how we do it! (Some of us probably spend a little too much time on line any way as it is Confusedhock: )

Abba Lazarus was amazing - as so many Coptic monks I have met are. The air of holiness is palpable - that they are praying for the world makes me feel better about it.

In Christ,