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In the absence of the BOC in the Midlands... - AnneBradburn - 14-12-2007

Where do I go to worship? Do people in the same predicament attend catholic services or High Anglican services like those held in the cathedrals? Not intentionally being offensive but the gatherings in Anglican Cathedrals tends to consist of the local magnates and people who wish to delve into the "it's not what you know but who you know". Anyhow I feel very out of place as I am merely 9 years university educated but in no way well bred enough to be considered middle class!!!! At least the Catholic flock has an equal proportion of 'normal' peasants like myself!!!!!!!

I have to go somewhere and Vespers on Christmas Eve in the Catholic church seems the closest ally to the Orthodox Christian - all views gratefully received.


Away in a Manger? - John Charmley - 15-12-2007

Dear Anne,

It is an interesting question, and really depends on what is available locally. High Anglican services are not that common in some parts of the country, and that would probably be my first choice, especially if the Book of Common Prayer was in use.

I have less experience of Catholic Churches, so couldn't really say - but Newman's Oratory is still there in Birmingham, I think.

One thing for sure in the BOC, you only come if you are committed - no kudos at all!

It would be good to hear from others on this.

In Christ,


- AnneBradburn - 15-12-2007

How about the Church of the Nativity Walsall?

I don't know what sort of church this is but today I got the following reply to an enquiry I sent:

Quote:Dear Anne,

Thank you for your note

I attach the current programme and directions to the church

The main Sunday service starts at 10.30. You don?t need to worry about what to do, just come.

I look forward to meeting you

Fr John Nankivell

It is a long way from me but if it is right then worth the drive.

Lichfield Cathedral is a ten minute drive from me.

Neither church is BOC (I am presuming the Nativity one isn't).

- AnneBradburn - 15-12-2007

Quote:One thing for sure in the BOC, you only come if you are committed - no kudos at all!

So if you know in your heart you are meant to be BOC but there isn't a BOC Church near you - God prefers you to abstain from any worship?

Just wondering...

Isn't there a bit in the New Testament about meeting with other Christians being a requirement and that so long as you are meeting in Jesus' name that is OK?


Churches - John Charmley - 15-12-2007

Dear Anne,

It looks as though the Walsall Church is Romanian Orthodox; that was a nice message from Fr. John, so go along and see how you like it.

It is unfortunate that we have nothing in your immediate area, and of course you should not worship in isolation.

I don't know how far you are from Birmingham, but the nearest Oriental Orthodox Church I can find is St. Stephen's Malankaran Indian Orthodox Church which is at Birmingham, B15 2TT: the web site is <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

It looks as though it may have an entirely Indian congregation, and it is n ot uncommon for Orthodox Churches in the UK to be mainly 'ethnic' in composition; that does not stop many of them being very friendly to English enquirers; the only real way to find out is to do what you have done with the Walsall Church and contact them.

It would be interesting to know how it goes.

In Christ,


BOC MIDLANDS - Robin Westwood - 16-12-2007

Hello Anne,

I am a member of the BOC and I will be starting an Orthodox Fellowship Group on the second Tuesday of every month commencing 12th February 2008 in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. We also hope to have Three Liturgies a year commencing next Spring where you would be made most welcome. Depending on where you live in Birmingham, I am approx one hour away by car near Junction 11 of the M5 motorway.

Please contact me again if you would like more details or keep a look out for details early in the New Year on the Website under Directory of Churches & Clergy.

God Bless,


Excellent News - John Charmley - 16-12-2007

Dear Robin,

Congratulations - that is excellent news.

May His blessings be with you and your efforts,

In Christ,


- AnneBradburn - 20-12-2007

Yes please, details would be great Robin - thank you.

- Robin Westwood - 22-12-2007

Dear Anne,

Yes, I will let you know the full details and dates early in the New Year. I wish you and you family a very Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year. Looking forward to meeting you sometime during 2008. Have you joined the BOC Fellowship yet, it is well worth it?

God Bless,