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Hello all - Louis - 02-12-2007

Hello everyone,

Just thought i should let myself be known to everyone. My name is Louis, im from Norfolk (i attend Saint Felix church) but currently studying at Newcastle university. I've just signed up to the fellowship. Its good to be here, i shall try to log on regularly!

Best wishes.

Welcome! - John Charmley - 02-12-2007

Dear Louis,

Welcome - it is good to have you here. I hope you find the site useful in your spiritual growth.

In Christ,


- admin - 03-12-2007

Dear Louis

Let me say welcome as well.

I'm in Finland at the moment so distance is no obstacle to participation here.

Best wishes


Welcome - John Charmley - 03-12-2007

Dear Louis,

Do feel free to participate as much as you like here. I know that sometimes people feel that they have to have something profound to say before they post - looking through my posts is a good reminder that that just ain't so! Big Grin

You'll see looking through the threads that we've discussed a lot of areas, but there are plenty more to cover - and some of those we have started have much mileage left in them.

In Christ,


- Louis - 03-12-2007

Thank you for the warm welcome.

I shall keep that in mind John, i've always been a passive member of the church, so to speak, just attending services when I can, so some of these posts are very informative!

Best wishes,


Welcome - John Charmley - 04-12-2007

Dear Louis,

This forum, rather like the fellowship it reflects, is what we make of it. Sometimes one hears people say 'I wish they'd do more!' and I wonder who the they are if it is not each one of us?

We are all God's servants, and we gather here in order to learn more, to ask questions, and to converse about things of common interest. If there are things that are not being dealt with here, then that is because someone is not asking questions about them.

At the risk of being thought sycophantic, I stand amazed at the activity of Peter Farrington, and he is real blessing to us all, but not even he can manage to do what the Spirit can, and be everywhere at all times. He's a constant resource, as are Fr. Gregory and Fr. Simon who both post here to our edification, but it is up to the rest of us to make the fellowship work!

The fact we've just passed our 1000th post is a sign we're doing our bit!

In Christ,