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Eutyches - admin - 27-11-2007 03:58 PM

Dear all

I am working on a paper about Eutyches, his biography, Christology, and eventual condemnation.

I'd be grateful if people could post the questions that come to mind about him in the widest sense, so that I can try to make sure that my paper covers things as much as possible.



Eutyches - John Charmley - 27-11-2007 05:03 PM

Dear Peter,

As I understand it, St. Dioscoros supported Eutyches on the basis of his confession that 'Christ is consubstantial with His mother' - but added that Christ was not consubstantial with us. This has always puzzled me - why did Eutyches draw this distinction? What doctrine did he hold of the Theotokos?

In Christ,