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Other Orthodox websites - John Mark - 12-10-2007

Dear all,

I was wondering if there are any other internet message boards which focus on Orthodoxy?

the ones that I am aware of are....

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In Christ,


Other sites - John Charmley - 12-10-2007

Dear John Mark,

These are the two main ones, although Monachos is not exactly user-friendly to those who are not Eastern Orthodox; both OOs and RCs have had experiences which they would not wish to replicate on their own sites. But the Patristic resources on Monachos are excellent, and almost make up for it.

In Christ,


other orthodox websites - kirk yacoub - 24-11-2007

Dear John Mark,
Do not forget the main Syriac Orthodox website:
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which has excellent links with other Syriac sites, other Oriental Orthodox sites, as well as other interesting links.

Kirk Yacoub