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Pray for Mary Mina RIP - Robin Westwood - 02-07-2007

Please can everyone please pray for Father Arsanios and his Brothers in Cairo, Egypt at the sad loss of there Mother Mary Mina who passed into God's hands after a very long illness in Cairo on the 28th June 2007.

May she rest in peace and rise in glory.

God Bless.


His Holiness Pope Shenouda III - John Charmley - 03-07-2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I am told that his Holiness is very ill and has been taken to hospital in the USA. The Coptic Churchj oin Alexandria is saying special prayers for him; I think we should add our voices.

In Christ,


Pope Shenouda's health - Severus - 04-07-2007

On Thursday (28 June) His Holiness Pope Shenouda was flown to the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio (where he had his original back operation). It was all rather sudden and appears to be linked with his kidney condition, which they are monitoring closely; but I think it is more a precaution than anything to cause serious concern. He is expected to stay there ten days before returning to Cairo. Bishop Angaelos spoke with the Pope before he left and said he was in good spirits.

His Holiness - John Charmley - 04-07-2007

That is tremendous news. Let us all keep him in our prayers - as I am sure many of us do already.

In Christ,


- Rick Henry - 17-07-2007

Dear All,

May I please suggest a prayer for the Cleveland Clinic itself. This organization, located in the northern part of my state is known for its holistic care. From what I have read and heard from its patients, this clinic is not only recognized for its back surgeons, but for its overall methodology viz. mind-body-spirit. And, while they are not an Orthodox hospital, so to say, I think it is clear that in many ways they are a tool in the hand of God, and a vehicle/instrument of His grace and His healing touch for many.

In Christ,

Prayer - John Charmley - 19-07-2007

Dear Rick,

What a good idea. It is clearly an excellent place - as HH is now up and about again - a tribute to the power of prayer - and your clinic!

In Christ,