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Prayers for storm ravaged Sydney - Fr Gregory - 09-06-2007

Prayers are asked for those in flood devastated areas of and around Sydney.
Torrential rain and gale force winds have caused devastation over the past week.
Some 200,000 homes have been without electricity for several days and may be so for the coming week; 5,000 homes are now without water (what an irony!) because pipes have burst. A number of people (amongst them a family of five, including three very young children) have drowned when their cars have been swept away by flooding, or roads have collapsed. Whole areas north of Sydney have been cut off by flooding.
We have suffered miraculously minor damage. A huge Eucalyptus tree in the back garden was brought down in the storm and fell along the fence between our house and that of our neighbour. A foot or two either way and it would have destroyed the rear of either our house or theirs! We will be waiting a while for it to be removed since all services are overwhelmed by much more serious tree falls. In the overall scheme of the recent disaster, it is nothing.
In some areas mud slides have wiped out backyards, craters have opened in suburban roads and footpaths have collapsed. There are streets littered with building and natural debris, as well as hundreds of abandoned cars, and cars submerged. Wind and rain is predicted for the coming week.

Fr Gregory

- admin - 10-06-2007

We will certainly remember you all at our liturgy in Chatham this morning, though you have had my own prayers in any case.

In Christ


Prayer - John Charmley - 10-06-2007

Dear Fr. Gregory,

My prayers are with you and with all those in Sydney; we shall remember you at Mickfield this afternoon.

In Christ,