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Oriental Orthodox Festival - John Charmley - 28-04-2007

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Just a quick word having returned from Stevenage and the Oriental Orthodox Festival. I am sure I am speaking for us all when I say what a wonderful and energising day it was. All in all a very special day - the Ethiopians and Eritreans at the end with their drums and their dancing were unforgettable - a marvellous end to a moving ceremony.

It was wonderful to see all the Oriental Orthodox Churches coming together like that - and I hope this is the first of many.

It will be wonderful when some of the photographs are on the relevant websites.

In Christ,


- Robin Westwood - 28-04-2007

Yes John I agree with everything you say. It was a thoroughly enjoyable day, and for me very moving with so many Copts from their various churches present. The Liturgy, venue, weather and fellowship just made my three hour drive home easy, and like many will reflect on today for many weeks to come.

It was indeed lovely to meet all the other members of the BOC and Priests and Clergy from all parts of our Church.

Let us hope and pray that we can all join together again in the near future.

God Bless.

With Thanks & Blessings to God for a good day and a safe journey home.