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Freemasonry and the Orthodox Church
13-05-2008, 09:03 AM
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Thanks for the Feedback
Freemasons do not claim that the order is Christian in general, although there are a few distinct side degrees that are open only to Christians such as K-T & R-C.
Craft Freemasonry is not a religion and prayers during initiatory rituals and for the opening and closing a lodge are not forms of worship. They describe the Deity as "Great Architect" or "Grand Geometrician", or "Most High" as descriptive metaphors and not proper names of god as there is no "god of Freemasonry" though this idea may have originated in popularist publications in the 1990's. They require any member to profess a belief in Deity, but do not dictate what members believe about the Deity.
The Royal Arch Degree's metaphor is a trans-religous aliteration for names of the Deity. It allegedly transliterates as "Jehovah-Baal-Osiris" i.e. 3 names fo god taken from other traditions.
It is true that a similar word is found in some versions of these degrees (Masonic rituals and the keywords actually vary the world over) but it is not a secret God, nor a secret name for God. It may be considered a poor linguistic attempt to present the name of God in three languages, such as 'Dios-Dieu-Gott' might be represented in Spanish, French & German.

This is an ineresting thread and I am puzzled that it generates such fire in the belly. Freemasonry makes no claim to be a religion, does not act as a religion, places primary emphasis on an individual's civil, moral or religious duties BEFORE freemasonry (1st degree), encourages an individual's own religion, and teaches a system of ethics compatible with all najor world religions. It abhors violence, conflict and dispute. From a Civil viewpoint, the laws of the land in which a mason resides come before all masonic considerations. From the moral standpoint, personal attitudes are strengthened by masonic lectures. From a religious perspective, we are encouraged to participate in our own religious ceremonies - indeed, any candidate who appears to think that by joining Freemasonry he would be adopting a religion, and who cannot be deflected from that attitude, is actually discouraged from joining any Lodge. Freemasonry is not something to be feared, or fought by religion as it makes no attempt to compete with, deny, distort or otherwise influence either any religion or any of its adherents.
If Freemasons are supposed to be anti-Catholic, then I have never experienced this - I am as welcome as a Catholic, lapsed or active, as I would be a a member of any other religion. Freemasons are not anti-any-religion. For that matter, there are too many Cathiolc and anglican ministers who are masons, to believe that any fundamental conflict persists. Freemasonry has been deliberately de-Christianised 200 years ago, to enable men of all faiths to come together without conflict.
If I have caused any of you grief by these thoughts, then I apologise - I had hoped that in the Orthodox Church I might find an environment that cherishes man, with all his defects and his foibles, that encourages his to use the mind given to him by hos god, to be accepted just as the omnipotent, omniscient god who made him intended him to be - as we were all born and will die in the lonesome state, having lived the best life that we could together, within the brotherhood of mankind.

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction." - Blaise Pascal, Pensees (1660)


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