The British Orthodox Church
within the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate

Our Churches and missions

Bournemouth: Church of Christ the Saviour

Osborne Road

Father Simon Smyth

31 Sandyfield Crescent,
Cowplain, Waterlooville,
Hampshire, PO8 8SQ.

Telephone: 07979 420006

Services and Events

If travelling a long distance please email to confirm that the service is still taking place as planned.

29 Mar
Morning Incense & Divine Liturgy: Bournemouth
Morning Incense 09.30, Divine Liturgy 10.15
9th & 11th Hour Prayers (15.00),
Eve of Monday Prayers (17.00)
Evening Prayer (18.00)
5 Apr
Palm Sunday: Bournemouth
Morning Incense 09.30, Divine Liturgy 10.15
6 Apr
Holy Monday: Bournemouth
Monday Prayer 12.00, Eve of Tuesday Prayer (19:00)
7 Apr
Holy Tuesday: Bournemouth
Tuesday Prayer 12.00, Eve of Wednesday Prayer (19:00)
8 Apr
Holy Wednesday: Bournemouth
Wednesday Prayer 12.00, Eve of Thursday Prayer (19:00)
9 Apr
Holy Thursday: Bournemouth
Thursday Prayer & Incense 15.00
Liturgy of the Blessing of Water & Foot washing 19.00
Liturgy for Holy Thursday & 11th Hour Prayers 20.15
10 Apr
Good Friday: Bournemouth
1st Hour Prayers 07.00
3rd Hour Prayers 09.00
6th Hour Prayers 12.00
9th Hour Prayer 15.00
11th Hour Prayers 17.00
12th Hour Prayers & Burial Service of our Lord 18.00
11 Apr
Joyous Saturday: Bournemouth
Saturday Worship 10.00
Paschal Vigil Liturgy 22.00
12 Apr
Pasca: Bournemouth
Paschal Morning Prayer with Holy Communion 10.00
Followed by Memorial Prayers, commencing at Church & continuing in Wimborne Road cemetery