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Dumfries Doncaster: Church of St Mark & St Hubert Chesterfield: St. Gregory's Mission Sheffield: Under care of Doncaster Kings Lynn: Church of St. Mary & St. Felix Midlands Fellowship Norwich Fellowship London: St Thomas the Apostle Orthodox Parish - Charlton Glastonbury: St. Mary's Mission Bournemouth: Church of Christ the Saviour Portsmouth: St Mary & St Moses Mission Chatham: St Alban and St Athanasios' Mission 13 14

The British Orthodox Church is committed to seeing new communities planted throughout the British Isles. We believe that all British people should have a British Orthodox Church within travelling distance, and through prayer and evangelistic effort we believe that God will bring this about.

We are seeking to plant at least two new missions each year to fulfill our vision of a community in every county.

If you are near to one of our communities then do contact us and arrange to worship with us one Sunday. If you are not close to one of our communities then perhaps you could help grow a new one. Contact us for further information about our Orthodox Church Planting opportunities.

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